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OR Tambo Airport

Johannesburg airport (IATA: JNB) is seated in the heart of the Kempton park, Gauteng in South Africa. The airport is also known as O.R Tambo international airport. This airport has gone through some major changes since it was founded in 1952, it was named after the famous politician of that time. It is one of the busiest airports in South Africa. During the year of 1980 it stopped all operations due to a sanction which was imposed on the country, as many country refused to flying to South Africa.

There are basically two parallel north-south runways and also a discussed crossed runway, western runway, 03L/21R, is over 4400 m (14,000 ft.) long, this size is making it one of the longest international airport runway. Both of the runways in this airport are equipped with the instrumental landing system and approach lightening system with the sequenced flashers. During the peak season, the outbound flights use the western runway for takeoff whereas the inbounds flights use the eastern runway for the landing.

A number of famous airlines are operating through this airport and thus making this airport as one of the busiest and famous airports. The flights go to almost every destination all around the world. Due to the high-quality services, which are being offered by them around 18.6 million of the passenger fly through this airport every year which is a huge number. This percentage has increased to 8.7 % for the current year according to the survey done in 2015. In this ratio both international and domestic passengers are present.

There are other in ground services which are also offered in this airport such as railways, cars and the buses, in railways transmit terminal is developed between the domestic and the international terminals. Thus, airport is basically a hub of south Africa largest international and also domestic carrier. As a large number of the passengers come here for flying thus, the airport is equipped with all new technologies for making the flying more convenient for the customers. New style restaurants and the bars are also introduced into this airport with other facilities also available such as ATM, currency exchanges, bank branches, shopping outlet, utility store, and access to the internet and many other facilities as well.

For making the transportation system better, all the busses which are introduced in this airport are built on the basis of latest designs and techniques. In this airport five buses operate by the Metrobus or either Putco, these buses pass through the airport twice in a day. The buses are accessible to the passengers in the morning and evening as well as there are lots of passenger travel through this thus safety is ensured. Private bus lines are also operating in this airport to the CBD of the Johannesburg, and they also go to other locations as well.

There are more than 3000 employees who are working in this airport all of them are well trained and educated enough, all of the other services are offered according to the needs and wants of the passengers as customer’s satisfaction is the first priority of this airport, more than 10 airlines are holding their operation through this airport and these airlines visit more than 150 destinations all around the world. This airport has the nonstop flight schedule and thus comes under the category of one of the busiest airport all around the world. the building of the airport contains multiple floors which are used for the departure and arrival of the flights.

Airport Information

Official Name:
Oliver Reginald Tambo International
Time Zone:
GMT +2.0
Latitude (DD):
Longitude (DD):
Latitude (DMS):
26° 8’ 21" S
Longitude (DMS):
28° 14’ 46" E
Passengers (2017):
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4,418m (14,495ft)
61m (200ft)
3,400m (11,155ft)
60m (197ft)